• General Mandarin Course
  • A Taste of Mandarin
  • 10-Day Intensive Course
  • Character & Reading
  • For Korean & Japanese
  • Chinese Painting Course
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  About a Taste of Mandarin Course

--Total 4 Hours:

A Taste of Mandarin course is a great introduction to Chinese language learning and ideal if you are unsure about committing to a full Mandarin course. There are two lessons in this course, comprising 3 hours of conversation and 1 hour of Chinese culture. The Taste of Mandarin class will introduce you to the world of speaking Mandarin. And students can then choose to enter the General Mandarin Course if they wish to study further. During this time you will learn about:

1. Small talk
We’ll cover the basic vocabulary, common greetings, introducing oneself that will enable you to make small talk in different topics with your Chinese colleague, your neighbor, the taxi driver, your fellow travelers.
2. Ordering food
You would like to taste good and cheap Chinese food but you’re afraid of being misunderstood? Quickly learn the basic notions of Mandarin Chinese and Making an inquiry, stating your needs, discover real Chinese flavors with us!
3. Transportation
We’ll teach you how to ask for directions (and understand the answer!), give you tips on how to talk to a taxi driver and easily read maps and even some street signs.
4. Shopping
Come learn the words you need to use such as Chinese numbers, price, measurement, color etc. when you go grocery shopping or shopping for clothes. Learn how to describe what you want or what you are trying to look for.
    Class Schedule

    10:00am-12:00 & 2:00pm-4:00pm

Class Tuition

    2-4 Person Total HK$600